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The 10 BMX Bicycle Maintenance Tips That You Should Know

Written by fyshal_bikes

To help, we are here with 10 BMX bicycle maintenance tips to keep your bike dialed in for the perfect ride. Everybody is always looking at their apparatus, their moves, and their rides. Who has the best bicycle? Who won that challenge a weekend ago? Regardless of whether you’re into BMX for the sheer excite of the diversion, or on the off chance that you live for the opposition, it’s critical to ensure your BMX bicycle is tuned up and running easily. We are here to help you, let’s see the tips.

10 BMX bicycle maintenance tips at a glance

  1. Check Pressure of Your Tire
  2. Thoroughly Wash Your Bike Everyday
  3. Keep the Pedals always Tight
  4. Oil the Bearings & Chain of your bike
  5. Keep the Wheels always Trued
  6. Tighten the Bars of bike
  7. Check bike’s brakes
  8. Replace the brake pads
  9. Take care of cuts and wear
  10. Adjust the gears
  11. Take care of a bent rear mech

Check Pressure of Your Tire

Keep in mind; it’s conceivable to fill the tires of your bike with too much air. It’s entirely regular for riders to have their tires so full they feel shake hard. This is terrible! Ensure you top each tire off inside the breaking point of pneumatic stress in light of your particular tire. Your most solid option is to check your tire weight once seven days to ensure it’s not finished or under-swelled. This is one of the most important tips out of 10 BMX bicycle maintenance tips, also we have suggested a BMX tire named Lowride Tire Duro 20″ x 1.75″ Blue/Blue Side Wall HF-864 bmx bike tire.

Thoroughly Wash Your Bike Everyday

It is obvious that while riding your BMX bike in outside the bike will be dirty with mud and stone. These create probable harm to your BMX if not detach as soon as possible. You can get rid of this problem by washing your bike each day after taking a ride. Now let’s know about washing BMX bike without damaging parts:

  • First of all take a bucket of water.
  • The use your hands to wash.
  • If you wash through your hand you will get to know about the tiny damages.
  • Finally completely dry you bike through piece of soft cloth.

There are also washing tools for BMX bike maintenance that you can use to clean your bike, we suggest you to try a bundle of brush tool suitable for all kind of bike such as BMX bike, mountain bike and road bike etc. named Anndason 6 Pieces Precision Bike Cleaning Brush Tool.

Keep the Pedals always Tight

Metal pedals tend to make more clamor than plastic pedals. This irritating sound can be dispensed with in the event that you fix the screws frequently.  In case you’re tired of that sound, consider buying some plastic pedals. They’re less expensive, lighter, and hurt significantly less when your foot slips from the peadls. In addition, they don’t squeak!

Yarr Store BMX Bike Pedal Wrench


Oil the Bearings & Chain of your bike

This progression ought to be done frequently. To take no chances, make sure to oil everything up each time you are settling or fixing a section on your bicycle, paying little heed to where it is. You can take this tip considering as one of the 10 BMX bicycle maintenance tips.

Liquid Bearings 100%-synthetic oil for chains, Large 2 oz.

 Keep the Wheels always Trued

This can be somewhat more troublesome for riders who aren’t comfortable with riding a bicycle. There are huge amounts of recordings on online that walk you through the procedure of truing a bicycle. On the off chance that you’d rather leave this assignment to the experts, stop by synergy.

Tighten the Bars of bike

This is one of the most important tips out of 10 BMX bicycle maintenance tips at home. You’re continually applying weight to your bars and stem, which makes them relax after some time. Run in with a torque and ensure they’re generally tight. Not exclusively does this keep your bicycle looking great by adjusting the handlebars, yet it helps protect you. Simply envision attempting to a bounce with unstable handlebars!

Check bike’s brakes

On the off chance that your brakes don’t work legitimately, your BMX bike isn’t protected to ride. Reach the edge of the wheel with no piece of the brake cushion touching the tire. Keep the brake cushions clean, as coarseness and soil in the cushion will destroy your edge. Draw on the brake lever to check how much go there is before the brake nibbles. On the off chance that need be, fix the brake link so the brake cushions meet the wheel right on time in the lever’s go to give you certain halting force and a lot of control.

Take care of cuts and wear

This is another most important tip out of 10 tips for BMX bike maintenance which you can do yourself. Checking tires for any cuts and outside items ought to be a customary piece of your bicycle upkeep schedule. Evacuate any sharps, for example, shards of glass, before they carve completely through the tire and cause a cut. Search for indications of wear, as well. The more slender the external layer of elastic turns into, the all the more effectively it can be punctured. Tires likewise tend to square off as they wear, with a level area amidst the tire yet more elastic left at the edges. This can influence the bicycle to feel less steady when inclining toward corners, so be prepared to fit new tires in the event that you see this uneven wear.

Replace the brake pads

Most pads have a wear indicator to show when they need to be replaced. Fit new ones if the old pads are past their best. With the wheel removed to make it easier to get at the brakes, unscrew the pad from the brake shoe it is housed in. The pad should pull free, although you may need to prise it out with a flat-bladed screwdriver. Make sure you are fitting the correct pad to each side of the brake, then slide the new pads in and fit a new grub screw to keep them snug. Because brand new pads will be thicker than worn ones, you’ll probably need to slacken off the brake cable a little so the pads don’t rub on the wheel.

Adjust the gears

This is one of the most important tips out of 10 BMX bicycle maintenance tips that you should follow. On the off chance that your bicycle has barrel agents, you can cure any unclear or messy gearshifts without to such an extent as an Allen key. Barrel agents modify the strain in the links prompting the front and back derailleur and can even be utilized to make fine alterations while riding. On the off chance that the derailleur is ease back to move, pivot the barrel a large portion of a turn anticlockwise and attempt once more. On the off chance that the chain moves too far when moving, practically changing two apparatuses without a moment’s delay, turn the agent clockwise. Keep on tweaking the moving until the point when changes are brisk and exact.


Hope in this article we helped you to know about the 10 BMX bicycle maintenance tips.

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