The Firmstrong urban man cruiser bike is one of the best BMX bike for the young to adult BMX lovers nowadays. Dear BMX bike lovers, hurry up! Experience a smooth, comfortable ride with the Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycle. It is a classic bike that available in four speed options along with two wheel sizes which helps to fit the riding style. The gearing options are respectively single, 3, 7 & 21 speed and wheel sizes are 24″ & 26″.

Firmstrong Urban man cruiser bike

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Best Features of Firmstrong Urban Man Cruiser Bike:

  • This 26″ men’s cruiser BMX bike offers faster speed and smooth hill climbing.
  • It comes with classic curvy beach cruiser design.
  • Features with 17″ long lasting steel frame.
  • The high quality Aluminium wheel sizes are 26 and 24 inch
  • It’s front and rear handbrakes controlled by using handlebar.
  • Designed with white wall balloon tires, which offers soften ride.
  • The Firmstrong urban man features with a big seat with double springs.
  • The handlebars features with foam grips.
  • Suitable for 5 feet 4″ to 6 feet 2″ tall men.

Overview of Firmstrong Urban Man Cruiser BMX Bike:

The curvy steel cruiser frame of the bicycle is supplemented by aluminium wheels that include 2.125″ wide white divider tires. The tires move smooth and simple just as you ride over them uninhibitedly. The spacious, larger that average seat confirms your solace with double springs that make the ride delicate and comfortable. The Firmstrong urban man cruiser bike comes with four best speed options.

Firmstrong urban man 3 speed


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Firmstrong Urban Man Single Speed

The single-speed is great for casual and sporting riding on flatter area. You can brake easily with the rear coaster brake system. Simply pedal towards the rear to glide to a smooth stop. It allows you to ride up to 20 miles with up to 15 MPH speed.

Firmstrong Urban Man 3 speed

The 3-speed Shimano internal hub offers you more gears for riding on the hills and ride for long time. It also allows you to ride up to 20 miles with up to 15 MPH speed.

Firmstrong Urban Man 7 speed

The 7-speed Shimano external hub comes with more riding options from short trips to long distance rides. You can use front and rear handbrakes and rear coaster brake. It allows you to ride up to 30 miles with 20 MPH.

Firmstrong Urban Man 21 speed

The 21-speed Shimano Tourney offers a variety of gears for dealing with more high extreme riding. It allows you to ride up to 40 miles with up to 30 MPH.

Firmstrong men's urban 7 speed


Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The Firmstrong company has been producing high quality and less expensive BMX bikes for more than 10 years. This brand focuses on exclusive style and performance to offer fun, audacious experience for the BMX riders. A great example of their creation is Firmstrong urban man cruiser bike.

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