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Kent Pro 20 Boys BMX Bike With 20 Inch Wheel And Sturdy Frame

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The Kent Pro 20 boys BMX bike comes with all of the tools which your young boy expect in a high quality mountain bike. This bike is especially made for the athletic young man who likes to get rugged when it is time to go on a ride. The Pro 20 is featured with a full suspension dual welded frame and also with a downhill front suspension fork because of which controlling the route is becoming easier. This bike is designed with an integrated suspension system which is adjustable by the knob near the rear. This mini street king is made by integrating seven speed gear system so that you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey.

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Best features of Kent Pro 20 boys BMX bike

The unique features because of which this bike is considered as one of the best bike are given below:

  1. It comes with 20 inch wheels
  2. Designed with alloy quick release seat clamp
  3. Comes with fully welded dual suspension steel frame
  4. Also comes with downhill front suspension fork
  5. The net weight of the bike is 36 Ibs
  6. Designed with linear pull brakes
  7. Integrated with 7 speed gayro system
  8. Suitable for boys ages 8 to 14 years

The bike frame

Don’t think that your boy will only look good on his bike, you will be happy to know that this mountain BMX bike is comes with a sturdy frame. Because of which it will be able to keep hold time and time again. This bike is designed with front and rear shock points which will absorb all the vibrations of bumps in the street while riding. The Kent Pro 20 boys BMX bike comes with net weight 36 Ibs so if your kid suddenly fall down; he would be able to stand up it and will start the riding again. The smart bike is also featured with a quick release seat clamp. So your boy can easily adjust the seat height without facing any problem.

Kent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch

kent pro

The suspension system of Kent Pro 20 boys BMX bike

The Kent pro 20 boy’s freestyle bike 20-inch is integrated with a steel dual suspension system because of which your kid will get a smoothest ride ever. Whenever you want to adjust the levels of suspension you will be able to do it quickly and easily with the knob at the rear. This bike is also designed with a downhill front suspension fork which will give you a better handling experience.

Seven Speeds Gear

Regardless of what territory you are riding on, the Kent Pro 20 boys BMX bike will not create no issue or problem to switch gears, actually it’s a breeze. This bike is comes with seven speeds set up on a twist grip. Because of this feature your boy will not miss a beat during riding smooth roads to rough roads. This bike is also featured with derailleur which will work well with adjustment in time of need and also support the rider in time of riding.

Technical Specifications

  1. Warranty: lifetime limited ( frame and fork )
  2. Parts warranty: six months limited
  3. Wheel size: 20 inch
  4. Frame: made of steel
  5. Brakes: designed with linear pull
  6. Number of speeds: seven
  7. Rims: made of alloy with front radial spokes
  8. Comes with dual suspension system
  9. Seat post: alloy quick release
  10. Front: designed with downhill front
  11. Suitable gender: boy
  12. Tire size: 20 inch

Other things to consider

In this 36 Ibs BMX bike and 50 inches long from wheel to wheel, your boy have got a durable frame and dual suspension system, that’s why your boy will enjoy a safe and comfortable riding. Before you go on a ride for the first time you should check the assembly of the brakes if they are in proper working condition or not. Another thing you should check that is everything in the bike’s body should be tightened.

What about the price?

I would say don’t hesitate because it is a great bike for the money. You will get the Kent Pro 20 boys BMX bike within or under $100, this price is not too high instead of your kid happiness. This red color street king will perfectly suit with your boy. You can also buy this BMX bike as a gift for your boy. This BMX bike comes with all of the special and unique features which meet with your boy’s needs. So what are you thinking about? Do hurry!

Kent Pro 20 Boys BMX Bike

Accessories for Kent pro 20 boy’s freestyle bike 20-inch

Once you buy this cool BMX, you will surely in need of some accessories to take a disturbance free ride. I suggest the BMX riders to take a extra pair of pedals, handlebar grips, BMX gloves while going on a long ride. Ohh, never forget to use helmets while riding your BMX. Here, I have presented some necessary accessories that you should buy for your BMX.

Alston road BMX bike aluminum strong pedal
Best Features:
  • The three bearing structure makes the pedal design more unique
  • Pedal Type- Flat or platform
  • Comes with big platform safe so you will feel comfort while riding
  • Durable and made of aluminum

Alston Road Bicycle MTB Aluminum Strong BMX Pedal

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Typhoon Youth Kids Dirt Bike Gloves
Best Features
  • Keep your hands safe while looking attractive
  • Designed with pre-curved cut and allow superior grip
  • Made with the combination of nylon, spandex and polyester
  • Features with velcro wrist closure and can adjust easily

Typhoon Young Kids Dirt Bike Gloves

kent pro

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Buying guide

For the young kids BMX bikes are the most popular type bike. As there are a lot of variance among young kids BMX bikes, all of them designed like freestyle bikes. Some of them will come with pegs and the frame of these bikes made of durable steel. That’s why these bikes are most affordable to buy and more stable than other bikes. The design, quality and feature of these bikes can vary as well. If you go through the cheaper route and buy a Kent pro 20 boy’s freestyle bike 20-inch for your boy or girl that will look like a professional BMX bike. Actually there are a lot of kids BMX bikes which are specially made for young BMX rides who are newbie in the BMX world. These BMX bikes are more expensive than others as well as provide a greater value and lasts for the long time, have fewer issues.


This boy’s super 20 is a great bike for the money and you can anticipate that it will withstand everyday abuse and territory change. This bike doesn’t have the work of a more costly model yet the performance certainly will not disappoint. THIS bicycle was intended to be redone as your boy grows to expand its life. The super 20 is in an affordable price, so in this price range it is difficult to find or choose another one which contains all of the unique features. So what are you thinking? Buy immediately and let your boy enjoy BMX riding with the Kent Pro 20 boys BMX bike.

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