Hey, Razor BMX bikes Fan! Razor BMX bikes for 2020 come with a simple design but a role model of gorgeous looking BMX bikes. Mark my words! After reading the whole article you will be in love with the Razor bikes. Most of the guys ask a question, are Razor BMX bikes good? Here you will get to know about the following BMX bikes and the answer too:

  • Razor agitator BMX/freestyle bike 20-inch                    |  Under $180  |   Check Price
  • Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch              |  Under $150  |   Check Price 
  • Razor nebula BMX/freestyle bike 20-inch                      |  Under $100  |   Check Price 
  • Razor Micro Force 16″ Kid’s BMX Bike – Neon Green     |  Under $90  |   Check Price
  • Razor Kobra BMX bike                                                          |  Under $90  |      Check Price
  • Razor Tempest 20″ Kids’ Bike – Pink                               |  Under $120  |   Check Price
  • Kids Razor Aggressor 20″ BMX Bike – Black/Red            |  Under $150  |   Check Price
  • Razor Barrage BMX/Freestyle Bike 20″, Grey/Blue          |  Under $170  |   Check Price

Just want to let you know that Razor produces various kinds of BMX bicycles for the riders of different ages. You will also see some Razor electric bikes in the market. The main strength of the Razor Freestyle BMX bike is a frame and fork, which made of durable steel.

Razor BMX bikes for 2020: know the Razor BMX bike


Are you already curious for the Razor BMX bikes?

Hold on! We have more things to share! Razor bikes are not only for the adults but also for the kids. Honestly speaking, your kid will experience a safe and cool ride via Razor kid BMX bikes. As the seats of the Razor BMX bikes for 2020 are cushioned so we can assure that security and comfort is 100 out 100! Also the Razor mini motorcycles are a full package of beauty and act like a street king.

Razor agitator BMX/freestyle bike 20-inch

The Razor Agitator BMX bike comes with a variety of features and high quality components. These exclusive features make it perfect freestyle BMX bike which is trustable for top-tier performance on every freestyle applications.

Ohh! Are you thinking about the price?

Well, in my eyes this is the cheapest BMX bike with full of surprises. You will get the Razor Agitator freestyle BMX bike under $180 and it maybe one of the best cheap BMX bike deals available right now. That’s why I added it in the list of Razor BMX bikes for 2020 to let you know about it.

Razor agitator BMX/freestyle bike 20-inch

BMX Bike price 2019

First of all let’s talk about the bike’s frame, which is the corner of attention. Actually the frame is made of high-tensile steel. Because of the material the bike is quite lightweight, but not as like chromoly or aluminum. But as it is a freestyle bike, so I think the weight is not a big deal, actually the secret is it helps to keep the bike stable.

Now, i will shed lights on the graphics and design of the Razor Agitator freestyle 20” BMX bike. The black paint perfectly matches with and highlights the red fonts of the bike’s body. The color combination creates a fancy look all over the frame, fork, and seat.

The Razor Agitator comes with a high quality plastic chain guard which keeps the chain area totally safe. It not only protects the chain but also protects the rider. The high quality plastic pedals and cranks help you to complete the drive train setup easily.

Razor Agitator freestyle BMX bike 2020


BMX Bike price 2019

The 20 inch wheel set is such a attention seeking part of this one of the top Razor BMX bikes for 2020. Because of the wheel set design the BMX got a classic look which is totally eye-catchy. Finally the tires come with a minimal tread and the freestyle BMX riders want it for freestyle riding.

The extra-thick pegs of the bike are like an invitation to buy, alongside an extravagant, agreeable seat. This BMX bicycle truly made a point to consider every contingency.

But surprisingly, you will get all of these things under only 180 dollar!

Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch

The high roller BMX from Razor brand is a strong bicycle, stacked with highlights available on better quality bicycles however within an affordable price. The BMX begins with a strong steel casing and fork, front haggle spoked back wheel with meaty road track tires. It even accompanies a lot of hub pegs and a simple and fast dischargeable seat adjuster. In simple words i can say that, the freestyle high roller BMX is no bet, it’s a slam dunk.

Razor High Roller BMX Freestyle Bike 20-Inch

BMX Bike price 2019

  • Made of high quality steel
  • It comes with High tensile steel frame & fork which ensures ultimate durability
  • It also features with pegs in the front wheel
  • Another cool feature of the BMX is its front & rear hand brake which will help you to get a smooth ride.
  • You can easily release the seat post clamp whenever you need! So that gives you extra facility.

In my eyes, the Razor High Roller Freestyle BMX Bike is surely a cool bike in the market. What do you think about the price? Under 100 dollar this is one of the smartest Razor BMX bikes for 2020 and a jackpot full of cool features!


Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch

BMX Bike price 2019

Razor Nebula BMX/freestyle BMX Bike 20-inch

Are you young and passionate about BMX bike riding? If you are, then don’t take stress in your mind about choosing the right one. Just click on the buy now option in the below and grab your Razor Nebula BMX bike! Do believe on us, you will get the best and smoothest BMX riding experience you ever had. If you are young BMX rider then I think you should look no further than the razor nebula BMX/freestyle bike.

Razor Nebula BMX/freestyle BMX Bike 20-inch

BMX Bike price 2019

Why I added this BMX bike in the list of razor BMX bike reviews 2019? Let’s see below:

  1. This is one of the coolest single-speed BMX bikes featuring 360-degree rotor
  2. Having heavy-duty alloy pedals made this BMX more trustable than others
  3. Features with front and rear pegs which will let you to take tricks with no worries
  4. The bike comes with high quality gripping street tires, so you will enjoy a smooth and reactive ride.
  5. You will experience quick reactive braking with front and rear brakes
  6. The frame and fork features with durable tig- welded Steel
  7. The wheels sixe is 20 inch with pegs
  8. The alloy seat clamp will offer you a comfortable ride.

Razor Micro Force 16″ Kids BMX Bike – Neon Green

Surprisingly, BMX bikes are getting popular to the new generations especially kids ages from 4 to 10 years old. Looking for a eye catchy and newly designed kids BMX bike under 100 dollar? The Razor Micro Force 16″ Kids BMX bike can be a great choice for your little one! See the key features below:

  • Razor micro force kids BMX bike comes with vibrant design! The color just seeks attention of the kid BMX lovers.
  • Durable and high quality steel frame
  • Features with front caliper brakes which react fast.
  • You can let your little prince or princess to stay active outdoors with no worries.
  • Suitable for 4 years and up BMX lovers

Razor Micro Force 16" Kid's BMX Bike - Neon Green

BMX Bike price 2019


Razor Barrage BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch, Grey/Blue

The Razor Barrage is one of the coolest freestyle razor BMX bikes with amazing look. If you want a full set BMX for freestyle riding with affordable price, then pick this one! See the best features below:

Razor Barrage BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch, Grey/Blue

BMX Bike price 2019


  • You will get freestyle pegs, kickstand and rotor along with the bike.
  • Razor barrage freestyle bike is perfect for the BMX riders of 12 Years old.
  • Lightweight, only 35.0 pounds
  • Features with 20.0 inch rear wheel diameter
  • The seat is easily adjustable and padded also

Kids Razor Aggressor 20″ BMX Bike – Black/Red

Mark my words! once you gift this dashing BMX to your kids they will surely love racing around the city. This model of Razor BMX bikes for 2020 comes with knobby tires your kid can easily ride on rocky and hilly terrain. The most worthy feature is the caliper brake system which will allow your boy or girl to stop the bike safely.

Kids Razor Aggressor 20" BMX Bike - Black/Red

BMX Bike price 2019

Let’s see this Razor BMX bike reviews which turns it into one of the first choices of a Razor BMX lover.

  • Wheel Size: 20-inch
  • Brakes: Quickly responsive alloy brakes
  • Frame Style: Comes with freestyle frame
  • Pegs: Freestyle

The bike is perfect for the kids of 8 years & up. Because of the staggering design this BMX looks like a outdoor king while riding by your kid. The black and red color makes the bike eye catchy even from far away! Believe on us, you can let your little prince or princess to stay active outdoors with no worries with the Razor BMX bikes for 2020.

Razor Kobra BMX bike

The Razor Kobra 18″ BMX bicycle is an incredible bicycle for the newbies to start riding at an entirely moderate cost. The Razor Cobra comes with a solid steel edge and fork. The alloy wheels are 18-inch long featuring with free-form tires intended for footing and low moving obstruction. Designed with strong front pegs, this BMX has an incredible highlights at an inconceivable cost.

Razor Kobra BMX bike
BMX Bike price 2019
Specifications of Razor Kobra BMX bike
This 18″ Razor Kobra bicycle is the perfect model of Kent international for the growing freestyler. Below I presented the specifications of this great boys BMX bike.
  • Long lasting front pegs
  • Features with 4-Bolt Stem
  • The coaster brakes response quickly and stop safely where ever you want.
  • Designed with training wheels
  • The custom steel frame makes the bike more sturdy
  • Rims: 36 Spoke Steel
  • You can quickly release the seat post because of the fast release clamp
  • Front and rear hand brakes are made of alloy

Razor Tempest 20″ Kids BMX Bike

If you are looking for a pink street king for your kid then the Razor tempest BMX model of Razor BMX bikes for 2020 could be a great choice. The seat is padded; you can easily adjust the bike seat! The bike frame material is high quality and long lasting steel. Once you buy the BMX you will see how good and durable the razor BMX bike parts are!


Razor Angel Tempest 20" Kids BMX Bike

BMX Bike price 2019

The Razor tempest kids BMX bike is an incredible starter bicycle maybe within your budget. The fortified high tractable steel casing and solid steel fork make this a bicycle that can deal with even the most tough requests. The front and back brakes promises you a dependable braking whenever you want.

Are Razor BMX Bikes Good Enough?

Some years ago, freestyle BMX bikes were quite expensive and most BMX lover couldn’t afford, and also not too available in the market. In that time if a BMX lover wanted to buy high quality freestyle bike that could rule on the street and park, he or she needed to spend a good amount of cash, and also do some modifications.

But the good news is that things have changed nowadays, and the Razor BMX bikes for 2020 are a solid example of how far the things have changed in the meantime. I saw that most of the BMX passionate randomly ask a question, are razor BMX bikes good?

In this article I presented Razor BMX bike reviews to let you know how good Razor BMX bikes are! In my eyes the razor BMX bike parts are the sturdiest and durable parts used in the bikes under 200 dollars.

The razor agitator BMX/freestyle bike 20-inch, X-Games FS-20 freestyle BMX bike, razor nebula BMX/freestyle bike 20-inch, razor kobra BMX bike and razor aggressor BMX bike is quite flashy, but these bikes just hold the market with the performance.

To let you know that some razor BMX bikes do not come fully assembled from the supplier. While checking the comments of BMX lovers who bought BMX, I noticed that they faced a bit of trouble to assemble the BMX by themselves after ordering it from the market. Most of them faced problem with the brake cables of the bike.

But there is a way to have the Razor BMX bikes for 2020 assembled by Amazon. For getting that service you have to pay extra fee. No problem if you don’t like to get the bike by putting together, you can ignore it!

Razor BMX bike parts and accessories

As maybe you are going to ride a Razor BMX bike so you will be in need of high quality Razor BMX bike parts for further use. For making your ride more comfortable you should use extra Razor BMX bicycle accessories. As like BMX bikes the accessories also comes with high quality and durability with affordable price. Here I listed some necessary razor BMX bike parts in the below:

BC Bicycle Thermoplastic Bike Pedals

In my eyes, pedals act like breath of a BMX bike to keep going. While riding your dream BMX you may face any accident or you may feel boaring with the regular ones. So, i suggest everyone to take a extra set of BMX pedals.

BC Bicycle Thermoplastic BMX Bike Pedals

BMX Bike price 2019


  • This pedals set features with lightweight and long lasting thermoplastic body.
  • Your legs will fit with 10 traction pins which stick the shoes to the BMX pedal
  • Comes with sturdy and high quality chromalloy axles to ensure durability
  • Also features with sealed bearings

You can take a look in this pedal set or you can take a look in our pedals section. Please have a look in our blog to know about Best BMX Pedals of 2019 and 2020

Odyssey MPEG Axle Peg

This odyssey peg is very sturdy and long lasting. Just to inform you that it is also a little bit heavy, as the material is steel so it must be heavy. Though these pegs are made for handling big diameter BMX axles, but surprisingly they easily fit with smaller ones!

Odyssey MPEG Axle Peg for BMX

BMX Bike price 2019

Puroma Leather Bike Seat Pad

This seat comes with big shape along with soft foam padding; which ensures comfort while taking a ride. The dual spring design offers excellent buffer and saves form shock while riding. It also features with a strip design to reflect in the night, so you safely ride your BMX in the night.

Puroma Leather Bicycle Seat


BMX Bike price 2019


Want to know about more BMX accessories? Please visit our Best BMX Accessories blog for more information.


To present the Razor BMX bike reviews I researched other popular BMX bikes in the market right now. But saw that the Razor bikes are one of the favorite BMX freestyle BMX bikes to lots of BMX lovers for various reasons. Because you get all of the high quality materials expected from expensive freestyle and racing BMX bikes with an affordable price.

As Razor BMX bike parts are quite same as the parts of Mongoose BMX bike so I can surely say that Razor Bikes are cost-efficient. So what are you waiting for? Click on the Razor BMX bikes for 2020 and grab yours one!


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