X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike was made by X-Games company. This legitimate freestyle bike is great for newbie kids who want to start BMX riding. The FS-20 is featured with all necessary accessories and components so all young riders can start using it for street and parks riding with comfort. This bike has all of the best and unique features which are not available on the bikes in this price range. If there is nearby BMX bike riding park or a small space available for riding, then you can perform too many moves with the gyro fitted.

X-Games FS-20 Freestyle BMX Bicycle

Best features of X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike

One of the best features which made this bike perfect for freestyle riding is given below:

  1. Featured with full radius rad grip 1.95 inches types
  2. Made with classic one piece ranks
  3. This bike is integrated with headset gyro system
  4. Designed with stunt pegs on front and rear wheels
  5. Comes with stubby x-games BMX saddle. The saddle is shorter nosed that’s why it stays out of your way while pulling tricks
  6. Comes with front and rear hand brakes
  7. Designed with tigwelded steel frame and fork
  8. Integrated with 4 bolt alloy stem
  9. Comes with two colors; black and red

Technical specifications

  • Bike type: suitable for beginners
  • Frame material: made of steel
  • Brake style: comes with front and rear hand brake beginners
  • Color: two colors- red purple and black
  • Age range: perfect for 7-9 years old kids
  • Bike dimensions: 7*23*49 inches
  • Bike weight: 33.4 pounds
  • Wheel size: 20 inch
  • Forks: made of straight BMX forks gyro compatible fixings
  • Chain: integrated with single speed BMX chain
  • Pedals: designed with resin wide platform ½ inch pedals
  • Cassette: comes with single freewheel
  • Brakeset: integrated with linear alloy shorty brakes with gyro cables
  • Stem: comes with gyro quil stem with hollow securing bolt
  • Hubs: designed with alloy hubs with oversized hub flanges

Lucrative graphics design of X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX Bike

The X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike graphics are very alternative of the young BMX riders who are well known with X-Games or grown up watching the X-games. This bike is with two different colors, black and red color.

X-Games FS-20 Freestyle 20-Inch BMX Bike

The color scheme looks nice too. Coordinating red pegs add to the bicycle’s aesthetic, while expanding its usefulness on the course.

Gyro system

This bike is integrated with headset gyro system. This gyro system enables you to turn the bicycle around the front forks 360 degrees towards any path with no less of front or back braking.


The X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike designed full radius rad grip 1.95 inch tires. This is compelling reason to stress over footing here, these tires have tread from edge to edge for chipping away at wood, bricks includes in the BMX bike riding park.

Crank Set

This bike comes with classic one piece cranks. This cranks arms designed with oversized ¼ bearing bottom brackets. The bracket is used for durability and strength of the BMX bike.

Frame and fork of X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike

The X-games FS-20 freestyle BMX bike comes with guage steel that’s why the bike now more durable than before and light weight also. The forks are designed with straight BMX forks gyro compatible fixings.

X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike

Most of the bikes in this price range have made from steel. But the X-Games FS-20 made of steel so you will get a strength full and stable bike. For the young kids weight is not a big issue anyway so that additional support is welcomed. This bike uses a 25/9 gear set up because of its smaller sprocket. This sprocket is protected by a clear chain guard.

Pedals and wheel set

The FS-20 designed with plastic pedals. This red alloy pedals are looks lucrative, which gives the bike some additional style to oblige higher quality pedals. The black color wheel set uses a 48 spoke setup, which increases the BMX’s durability and strength.

Wheel size of the X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike

The wheel size of BMX bike is 20 inch. It is suitable or them who crossed 7 and adults can also ride it. Because of the gyro you can spin the bike around the front wheel 360 degree. Also because of the technical design the cables do not wrap. This bike is also comes with a dual brake set up with detangle pair, which will give you a lot of controlled stopping power. This feature also gives you the power to easily spin the handle bars.

Buying guide

Before making or taking decision of buying a BMX bike you should consider core four aspects. These aspects are here:

  1. Type of your ride: the first aspect that you should consider before buying a BMX is to what type of riding you will be doing in the future. At the first time all BMX bike look like same, but every BMX bike made of different components, different wheel size. Different frame design and different brake setups which suit with these riding type. So, before taking decision make clear that what type of riding you are going to take. These riding includes – parks and street free style BMX riding, Dirt jumping, BMX bike racing, flat land riding.
  2. Your size: your size is another important aspect that you should consider before taking buying.
  3. Your Budget: Price of the BMX bike and your budget is another considerable aspect. As BMX bike are simpler and smaller than other bikes, the price of the bike is an affordable range. Under$100 you can get entry level bikes. Under $150-$300 you can get a high quality BMX bike that may looks attractive.


X-Games FS-20 BMX Bicycle Purple/pink


The X-games FS-20 is going to be popular day by day because of these features. Under $150, a BMX lover getting a legitimate freestyle bike which designed with the essence of the X-Games. In this price range it is difficult to find or choose another bike which contains all of these best features. So, what are you thinking about? Buy this BMX bike and enjoy your BMX riding with the X-Games FS-20 colorful freestyle BMX bike.

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